Entrepreneurship, economic development and advancement through the use of science and technology


IMEDA is the institute for entrepreneurship education and development, focusing on the use of technology and mechatronics. It embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship and the view that the use of scientific research is crucial for the economic development in modern societies.


IMEDA was founded in Athens in 2009 and aims to promote innovation business and entrepreneurial culture in Greece. IMEDA organizes primary research or trains individuals and corporate groups. To succeed we organize educational activities, such as seminars and workshops, in cooperation with prominent agents.


We partner University departments, NGOs, foundations, private companies and other institutes who share the same values.


We believe that private initiatives in an open economy can boost productivity, innovation and prosperity. Simultaneously, we support social market economy so as to assist those who don't have equal opportunities.


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Legal form and aims of IMEDA

The Institute of Education Development & Advancement was founded in 2010 in Athens, Greece. It has the legal form of public benefit civil society organisation.

The aims of IMEDA include:

  • advancement of the scientific research
  • development in the broader social and economic sense
  • promoting education based on the results of scientific research